We Fix Solar Energy.

Solar is extremely reliable, until it isn't. We can help get you back up and running.

Solar Things We Fix.

Our expertise is in the technical operation and proper installation of solar energy systems. We are able to quickly, efficiently, and affordably diagnose, document, and repair solar energy systems to get your system up and running and performing again.

PV System Removal and Re-Installation

We will remove the Solar PV System and Re-install it after your new roof, remodel, or repairs are completed.

Inverter Replacement

We will remove the old inverter and install a new inverter to get your system back up and running.

Micro Inverter / Power Optimizer Replacement

Finding and replacing down power optimizers and micro inverters to get your system running back to its full potential.

Monitoring Troubleshooting

We will work with the inverter or system manufacturer to determine the monitoring failure and perform necessary upgrades to establish good communication with your solar energy system

Takeover of Installation

We will work with your local building department and Finance provider to assess the level of completion, determine the changes or additional work to finish, and bring your system to operation.

Solar Panel cleaning

After a few years or dependent on the location solar panels can become dirty and their performance affected. We can clean the panels and get them performing almost as good as new.

Expert Technicians. Quality Service

Expert technicians quickly and efficiently diagnose problems with your solar energy system. From major issues to minor repairs that can be fixed the same day.

Why Work With Us

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Client Testimonials

“Our solar monitoring had been down for over a year. The solar was working, until it eventually stopped and our energy bills went up. These guys were able to work with the manufacturer [SolarEdge] fix the monitoring and then also replace my inverter.”
Brian - Boca Raton
“Our contractor went out of business leaving us with a partially completed solar installation. they took over the permit, made some changes, and completed our install. Now our energy bill is only $45.”
Paul - Brevard County, FL
“My home owners insurance was going to be cancelled if I did not get a new roof. They sent a crew and took down the solar and then came back and reinstalled it on my new roof. Even my roofer couldn't believe how easy it was.”
Sarah - Palm Beach Gardens

Trusted By Major Brands

We service all major brands of inverters, batteries, and solar panels.

Get Started Now.

Filling out our contact form will create a Service Case in our system. One of our team members will evaluate your need and contact your by email, phone, or SMS to being discussing next steps to fix your solar. We can typically respond within just a few minutes or within the hour, however please allow up to 24-hours for a return call.

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